SATRA was formed, with the motto PEOPLE FOR DEVELOPMENT, DEVELOPMENT FOR PEOPLE, by a group of Social activists of Assam in the year 2002. The activists who were from various parts of Assam province met at Sipajhar and decided to form an Organization with the view to work for the development of Society and the common people who were lagging behind in various fields from Economic to living standard. Retired Principal of B. Barooah College-Guwahati, Dr. Dinesh Baishya, named it as SATRA which abbreviates “Social Action for Appropriate Transformation and Advancement in Rural Areas”. All the social activists unanimously accepted the name and in that meeting Mrs. Jyoti Prabha Bora was elected as Founder Chief Functionary. Later in the year 2003 she joined in a govt. job and in her place all the members elected Mr. Nani Kumar Saikia as Executive Director of SATRA WEF March of 2004.
After taking over the charge of the chief functionary of SATRA, Nani Kumar Saikia decided to build up a group of young people as cadre of SATRA. He had identified a group of youngsters among which the notable were Biplab Saharia, Sanjib Sarma, Debeswar Medhi, Jagadish Nath later on Sachindra Sarma, Sumitra Barman, Moni Bora etc. Mr. Saikia guided and motivated them in the path of Social welfare and constructed shaped their attitude and responsibility towards the society. This spirited group of youth worked day and night for the establishment of SATRA with the utmost goal of People’s development and their rights and basic needs. At that juncture SATRA was going through the construction period and as it had not fulfill the norms of not completing three years of service, SATRA did not found any donors for funds.
The determined and the spirited group of volunteers had done several works sincerely and confidently which paved the path of SATRA for becoming an esteemed NGO of Darrang district. The reputation of being the esteemed NGO of Darrang district has helped SATRA to allow and attract the Donors of the Country as well from the outside of the country to provide the fund and become partner in the journey of development and eradicating social evils.
SATRA first got the helping hand from RGVN (Rastriya Grameen Vikash Nidhi) and started its activity in the field of economic development for the Common people. SATRA started Micro Finance by borrowing money from RGVN. Initially the volunteer team did their work voluntarily for more than two years, which was later become the forte of the organization. During that period the volunteers group got the opportunity to accustom to the society and to the common people. In that process they also learnt what development is, what social work is all about etc. Moreover, they understood the need of dedication, sincerity and responsibility for the Organization which helped them to enhance their capability and work culture.
Gradually, with the passing of time, SATRA started to receive grants, loans funds from various National and international organization. Thus the requirements of human resources arise in the organization and SATRA with under purview of Mr. Nani Kumar Saikia and his supporting staff continued to appoint the new and capable team members for SATRA. The core team of SATRA is now taking utmost responsibilities in the fields like Micro Finance Operation and Development project implementation. As of now there are 44 nos of staff members are there in SATRA working in various projects.
A group of dignitaries are associated with SATRA for the management part. Dr. Prasanna Nath, Associate Professor of Sipajhar College, joined SATRA as Chairman in the year 2004. Since then he has been providing essential supports and necessary guidance to organization. Mr. Kamal Bhatta, Advocate of Gauhati High Court, Santanu Saikia, a renowned social activists based in Guwahati, Dr. Dinesh Baishys, retired Principal of B. Borooah College, Dr. Bazrul Islam, renown veterinarian, Mrs. Purnima Bora, Jyoti Prova Bora, Jyoti Kr. Nath, Dr. Arup Nath, Dr. Dhrubajyoti Saharia, Educationist, Samhita Baruah Faculty of Tata Institute of Social science etc. are associated with SATRA as Board members. They have been providing the guidance and supports to SATRA since their association with SATRA.
Now SATRA is planning to expand its activities with the guidance from our well wishers, funding, and donor agencies, so that the maximum development takes place in working areas of the Organization.