Peoples Institution For Livelihood Security In Assam By ICCO

ICCO stands for ‘Innovative Change Collaborative’. ICCO India affiliated to ICCO Cooperation, The Netherland. It is an international development Cooperation working in 44 countries. Poverty alleviation is an area of priorities of ICCO Cooperation. We are grateful to ICCO for selecting SATRA among four CSOs selected in Assam; under the project “peoples institution for livelihood security in Assam” capacity building of small farmers through scientific application and involving self- employment on the traditional activity using improved technology is the concept of this project. We are working on sustainable livelihood programme taking piggery, dairy, goatery, organic kitchen garden and SRI (System of rice intensification).Under the programme SATRA identified 100 Dairy farmer,115 piggery farmer,125 Goatary farmer,120 Kitchen garden farmer and 150 SRI(System of Rice Intensification)farmer from 29 villages covering 610 HH from Sipajhar and Pashim Mangaldai development block in Darrang District.


Objective: Human domesticatedmilk givinganimals for thousands of years. In Assam people have been rearing cow traditionally. So rural people poses the traditional skill of cow rearing but still as a source of income it is not cash attractive for farmers .We intervene to educate the farmers that it is a cash attractive business if manage scientifically, and motivate them to adopt scientific method of dairy farming. SATRA aim to minimize milk deficiency as well as to increase income of dairy farmers by maintaining their cows scientifically is the main objectives of this programme.

Under this programme we strategically formed dairy farmers group, provided skill training, constructed 63 pacca plate for cow shade ,provided Tinpat to 37 farmer for fodder store house. Beside these supportof feed additive, concentrate feed, deworming ,vaccination,AI support. A Dairy calendar was prepared by Vet specialist so that it’s easy for the farmerseasily remember to perform on time scientific application. SATRA invested a sum of Rs.22000/ ( including beneficiary contribution). SATRAs ambition is to promote a milk producer company in future.


Objective: To improve Pig rearing practices by adopting scientific method of rearing and to raise it to the international standard in future. People of many communities in North-East have traditionally being reared pigs and with the input of scientific management and use of improved technology it could be a good source of income for poor rural farmers, because of lack of scientific application farmers were making little income out of it so we emphasis to improve people’s Pig rearing practice because a good market is not far.

Under our ICCO supported project SATRA ismotivating farmers for betterpractice. SATRA identified 115 piggery farmers from different villages and provided support like construction of pacca plate,AI services, vaccination, deworming, concentrate feed, feed additive and a calendar developed by expert. SATRA invested a sum of Rs.10000/ ( including beneficiary contribution) per beneficiary.


Objective: To impart scientific method of Goat rearing. Goat keeping has traditionally been an important livelihood activity for the people of Assam but application of scientific method in the management is still lacking, therefore it is an afford to establish Goat farming could be an good source of income, if manage scientifically.

SATRA identified 125 goatery farmers and mobilized them for scientific management of Goat rearing. Under ICCO project SATRA provided support of tinpat for shade, concentrate feed, feed additive, deworming, vaccination service etc.SATRA provided skill training to all beneficiaries and developed a goaterycalendar. A sum of Rs.6000/ has been invested per beneficiaries including beneficiary contribution.

Kitchen Garden:

Objective: To fulfill the dietary requirement of the family through better farming techniques.

120 women of this area are getting support in terms ofskill training, input support of seeds, saplings, organic manure and calendar developed by experts. We are also supporting two local nurseries so that people of this area easily get seeds and saplings. The entire rural household in this area has backyards but managed it traditionally without any scientific input. Soil of backyard of this area has not lost its natural health due to the effect of the green revolution unlike other part, peoples here does not use chemical manure and pesticide in the backyard so believe with little afford land could be turned to produce organic vegetables.A sum of Rs.6000 ( including beneficiary contribution)has been invested per beneficiary.

SRI (System of rice intensification):

SRI system of rice cultivation different to traditional rice cultivation so it is a challenge to motivate farmers to follow this method at every stage of cultivation. SRI is a technology management system which enhances the rice production, this system of cultivation is particularly useful for farmers who own less land. Under this project 150 selected farmers got training, high yield seed support and provided demo.

SATRA plan to promote a milk marketing company as well as producer cooperatives of dairy,piggery and goatary farmers.