Sericulture Project

SATRA started a model sericulture project at Sipajhar in collaboration with RGVN and NEDFI and technical support from Central Silk Board and State Sericulture department Mangaldai in 2005-06. The main objectives of this project were to motivate the farmers for scientific management of the Mulberry cultivation.

More or less all the women of Sipajhar area especially the Nath Community people have been doing this activity for the last 100 years traditionally. They earn some amount of money doing this culture. But the scientific management system is lacking there. So SATRA had requested RGVN to come forward in order to motivate the farmers and those beneficiaries for scientific management of the Seri rearing so that they could earn the double of previous income.

RGVN came forward to take up the activity. For financial collaboration RGVN approached NEDFI to bear 50% of total cost of the Project and 50% born by RGVN. For this project initially SATRA had formed two groups one at Mallapara village in the name of “Panchajanya SATRA Karma Goot” and another at Athiabari village in the name of “Partha Sarathi SATRA Karma Goot.”

Under this project the beneficiaries were provided seeds, manures, various trainings, rearing appliances, machines etc. Four reeling machines provided to those two groups under this project. Besides that other appliances like Tray, Net, Chandrika were given to those beneficiaries.

In 2014 we further expanded the activity covering 500 women of Sipajhar and Balipota area with the support from SDTT. This project is undergoing now with the aims to establish workable and sustainable silk producers company for overall development of the community through sericulture, to create a infrastructure for sustainable development of a Sipajhar and Balipota silk cluster. Under this project we emphasis on adaptation of hybrid plant like S-1 and S-1635, which suits well with the environmental condition of the area and resulted in quality and quantity of leaf production.

We also proposed to promote a producer company by the name “SATRA Silk Producer Company” deigned of the producer company is that Cocoon producer will sell their cocoon to the company at company rate, the women who works at the reeling centre will be the member of the producer company. Apart from this those farmers who produce leafs and sell to our cocoon producer at the price fixed by the company shall also be the member of the company. Some cluster will be formed on area basis taking 50-100 members. Each cluster will elect one members to the board for three years. Two members will be nominated from SATRA, one member will be from donor. The management committee shall appoint all the office bearer. Construction work is going on for the producer company and we planned to inaugurate it on.